How To Win Pokemon Platinum

Mastering Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Platinum is the third and final game in the

How To Renew IP Address In Windows 7

Don’t be Afraid to Renew Your Ip Address You might wonder, “Why would

How To Preserve Your Kobo Battery

The Kobo Company was founded in December 2009 in Toronto and has become

How To Hook Up HDTV

Simple Steps to Hook Up HDTV Setting up twenty first century technological toys

How To Fix A Wet Cell Phone

Whether you dropped your phone into the swimming pool or it took a plunge into the toilet, there is nothing worse than seeing your phone drop into water. After all,

How To Make A High-tech Spy Stethoscope

Make Your Own DIY Spy Stethoscope For Under $13 If Hollywood movies are any indication, spies have everything–transforming cars, irresistible charm and good looks, and the ability to hear through

How Can I Make My Digital Photos Look More Like Film

Photography has taken many technological leaps to where it is today. While only decades ago, you could only shoot onto film, this is quickly becoming a medium of the past.

How To Use Kindle On iPad

Too Many Devices! – Use Kindle On iPad Tired of having too many devices lying around? Cellphones, iPads, Kindles, iPods, Fitbits, etc… Here is a simple way to use one

How Do I Clean My New TV

The modern LCD and Plasma flat screen TV needs more care than the old TV screens, which can be cleaned easily using a paper towel and glass cleaner. Whenever you

How To Set Up Surround Sound At Home

Easy Ways To Set Up Surround Sound Speakers Many love the sound of the speakers when they go to a movie theater. Most movie theaters have surround sound, and it’s

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