An Overview Of What’s Included

PocketScout™ has some great features that make your life easier when scouting locations.

Here’s what PocketScout™ does
to make your life easy

  • Automatically grabs your GPS location
  • Creates a street address based off of your GPS location without having to manually enter it or figure it out
  • Allows you to enter in a name for the location
  • Lets you make notes specific to the location that you just found
  • Want to get directions from your current location to any of your saved PocketScout™ locations? 1 tap and you’re there!
  • Share your location with anyone (including all images, notes, longitude & latitude, street address, directions & map link) with 1 tap!

After you’ve scouted an awesome new location, here’s what you can do with it

  • Take additional photos of the location so that you can see the location from different angles (as well as delete photos you don’t want anymore)
  • Tag your location with 1 or more tags
  • Add / Edit notes for your location
  • Add / Edit location name
  • Edit the street address (allowing you ability to add suite or apartment numbers; e.g. 601 Murray Circle Suite #2)
  • Update the GPS location to further refine the longitude & latitude

Now we’re just bragging

  • Show how far away you are to any location saved previously, from where you currently are
  • Display the date the location was saved
  • Every photo taken shows the time and direction faced at the time taken
  • Choose between taking a picture or choosing an image from your camera roll if you have one saved already
  • Show the location on a map
  • Store all locations that had been scouted on your iPhone
  • Sort locations based on tags, and display according to your preferences (in the settings section)
  • View all relevant details about a location in one convenient window on your iPhone

Customizable settings

  • When opening PocketScout™, choose to open with saved locations or adding a new location
  • Choose to have your distance measurement in Miles or in Kilometers
  • Export all your saved location details to a CSV, Excel-compatible file
  • Sort your locations by newest at the top or newest at the bottom
  • Manage your preferences for including images, map images and GPS coordinates when sharing a location
  • Manage tags to create your own set of tags that work for your scouting workflow
  • A help section detailing how to do tasks inside PocketScout™ with screenshots and text instructions

A little backstory…


Let me introduce myself to you.
My name’s Danno Watts & I’m a photographer based in the United States.

How it all began

I was out doing errands with my girlfriend and in between one stop and the next, i took a detour in a neighborhood. Ok, i got lost trying to find a shortcut. But while trying to find my way out of the neighborhood i had gotten us lost in, there was this really awesome alleyway, that looked like it was straight out of a Victorian-era castle (or at the least from a great Kevin Costner movie). Giant trees, vines, tall grass, beautiful shade and some great shadows created from the leaves overhead.

My first thought was:
This would be an amazing location to use for a photo shoot.

So i took out my iPhone and snapped a picture of this unique location.
And this is where it got difficult…

I had the picture taken, but no way of knowing where i was at. There wasn’t a street sign readily available that said “Alleyway & Somewhere”. So i opened up the Notes application on my iPhone and created a new note, typing out the whereabouts of where i was, the closest cross streets and how to get back to this location. I realized i needed a way to tie-in the note to the location i was at, so i began describing the photo that i had just taken.

You should never have to describe a photo when the photo is right there.
That is what a picture is; a non-verbal, visual description of something.
It IS the description!

So after I had taken a photo, written where around i was, how to get back to this location and redundantly described that photo, i thought:

“There has got to be a better way to do this!!”

After that experience, i was determined to not let another location scouting session turn out the same way again. From the beginning, I wanted an app that was built for me and how i worked. I didn’t care about focus groups or the way another application might handle it. I wanted something that would work for me.

So with a list of self-imposed requirements, PocketScout™ was born!

I talked with some fellow photographers who had the same discouraging experiences with planned location scouting or finding an unexpected location and not having a solution on their phones. So i thought it would be a good idea to release PocketScout™ for other photographers to help with their location scouting needs.

Thanks for using PocketScout™, I really hope it helps you as much as it has helped me when scouting locations!

-Danno Watts


PocketScout™ is not trying to be everything to everyone and though there are some features that could benefit the app, we don’t want to try and add every feature or suggestion that comes our way. This is not to say that we’re not open to suggestions or ways of doing things better, but know that just because you have an idea for a feature or a suggestion, it may not be implemented.
We want to keep PocketScout™ good at doing one thing & doin it, doin it and doin it well.

So after all that’s said, if you’ve got a suggestion or feature request:

shoot us an email : info [at] pocketscoutapp [dot] com
or get at us on twitter : @pocketscout